MONOSHOCK’s first breath came in the late 80s as it emerged from the shell of a band a band called the Umbilical Chords in the Central California town of Isla Vista. Monoshock’s combination of Hawkwind-style psychedelia with Stooges-thud and garage punk-raw energy immediately endeared them to rock scribe Jay Hinman, who released their first single. Other records would follow on labels such as Blackjack and the critically acclaimed 90s label Bag of Hammers. Monoshock’s one and only full length, a double album called “Walk to the Fire” (slated for reissue on S.S. in July), received stellar reviews, called a psych classic by Julian Cope (“WALK TO THE FIRE is a barbarian classic [what an oxymoron, ya moron!] that brings a smile to your face and sway to your hips and a lump to your dong from the moment you put it on.”), and was recently featured in Mojo Magazine. Bands such as Comets on Fire, Wooden Shjips, and CAVE have cited Monoshock as a major influence. S.S. Records was so hooked on Monoshock that one of our early obsessions was releasing a CD anthology of their singles and unreleased tracks (2005). While band members have continued to play music (The Drags, Liquorball, the Bad Trips, Terminal Wasteand, Nothing People) this will be Monoshock’s first show in nearly fifteen years. 

Monoshock will play on Saturday, July 14 at the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco.

Monoshock - Soledad by S. S./ Sol Re Sol Records

Monoshock - Striking a Match in the Year 4007 by S. S./ Sol Re Sol Records

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